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Tint-Tac, film mounting solution

Manufactured for

Tint-Tac™ and Pre-Tac™ are part of Flexfilm's own two-step cleaning and mounting system specifically formulated with window tinters in mind. Just add water and get started making your life easier. Tint-Tac™ and Pre-Tac™ allow you to work smarter, not harder. Start tinting like a pro today!

Step 1: Do not rely on your existing diluted slip solution. Use Pre-Tac™ to clean properly because it is specifically engineered to clean glass correctly.


Step 2: Replace your baby shampoo or dish soap with Tint-Tac™. Tint-Tac™ is specifically engineered for all professional grade window films.

FREE for Flexfilm 


  • Formulated for window film installation

  • Perfect slip control for easy installation

  • Virtually  eliminates bottle maintenance

  • Inhibits algae & bacteria


Tint-Tac™ is a window film mounting solution that utilizes surfactants combined with proper pH to lower surface tension. Tint-Tac™ creates an opportunity to position and secure film on the glass and allow for the curing process to take place without compromising the adhesive on the film. Tint-Tac™ is not recommended to be used as a prep solution. For best results, use Pre-Tac™ as a preparation solution for cleaning, scrubbing, and scraping glass surfaces before applying window film with Tint-Tac™.


Add two ounces of Tint-Tac™ per gallon of water. Mix well. More or less may be used depending upon temperature, humidity, and installation technique.

Tint-Tac Mixing Suggestions
Mixing Suggestions
Add more for hot weather and less for cold weather.

$44.95 1 gal.

Tint-Tac 1 Gallon

$15.95 1 qt.

Tint-Tac 1 Quart
  • Formulated for cleaning & prepping glass

  • All-in-one prep solution & glass cleaner

  • Degreases & removes surface contaminants

  • Fresh Scent


Pre-Tac™ is a preparation solution for cleaning, scrubbing, and scraping glass before applying window film. The use of  Pre-Tac™ with proper technique in cleaning and scraping reduces the presence of surface oils and contaminates on the inside of auto glass. Pre-Tac™ can be used as a streak-free glass cleaner and is safe for window film.


Pre-Tac™ is concentrated in a 3:1 ratio. Mix one quart of concentrated Pre-Tac™ with three quarts of water to make one gallon of solution. Mix one gallon of concentrated Pre-Tac™ with three gallons of water to make four gallons of solution. Mix 8 ounces of concentrated Pre-Tac™ in 24 ounces of water to make one quart of solution. Pre-Tac™ is sufficient for removing oils and contaminants from glass surfaces when used with a nylon scrub pad. This will help break the surface tension of these individual oils before scraping.

Tint-Tac™ and Pre-Tac™

$24.95 1 gal.

Pre-Tac 1 Gallon

$9.95 1 qt.

Pre-Tac 1 Quart
Buy More & Save BIG!

Purchase Tint-Tac™ and Pre-Tac™ by the case to help your wallet. Cases in the one quart size are available in a quantity of twelve. Cases in the one gallon size are available in a quantity of four. You may not mix or match products across cases.

Cheaper than Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Compared to Johnson's Baby Shampoo, the price per fluid ounce on a gallon case of Tint-Tac™ is actually cheaper. Buying in bulk saves you big!


(12) 1 Quart Bottles

Tint-Tac™ Quart Case

Pre-Tac™ Quart Case




(4) 1 Gallon Bottles

Tint-Tac™ Gallon Case

Pre-Tac™ Gallon Case



24.60¢ / fl oz

29¢ / fl oz

21.66¢ / fl oz


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Precautionary Statements

KEEP ALL CHEMICALS OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Product may be harmful if swallowed. For skin or eye contact, flush area with clear water for 15 minutes. For persistent irritation, contact physician immediately. For ingestion, drink 2 glasses of water and contact physician. FOR PROFESSIONAL & INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY.

Tint-Tac™  Safety Data Info

Pre-Tac™  Safety Data Info

*Flexfilm customers receive 1 quart of Pre-Tac™ and Tint-Tac™ for free on orders of $750.00 or more

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